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honest images for loving yourself

That's what matters most at these sessions.


I believe that boudoir is meant to be soft and cozy. Flirty. Feeling like home with a bunch of honesty thrown in. Boudoir is both a mix of finding the space to allow yourself to be, but also to celebrate your body and love it, even on the days that it can feel unlovable. It focuses on your emotions and your person more than what you're wearing - so the recommended clothing is actually more than the average boudoir. There's no weird sexual poses. There's no heavy posing much at all. I recommend big sweaters, a loose tank top maybe. Clothing that's well worn and broken in and oh-so-comfy. 

Boudoir is so much more than photographs - it's giving yourself the freedom to truly love who you've become (which for so many people, isn't the easiest). In this space you are truly accepted and loved as you are.

the story

It's pretty simple - it's you. It's the hugs you dole out and the people and animals you care about and the things that matter most.

And I'll use those to make art for you.

I believe that your story is important and worth telling: as-is. 

A lot of the photos I take aren't looking at the camera. They're meant to be more than just photos of you - they're photos about you.

Photographs are no longer a sit still look pretty notion. They can be filled with energy and light and warm goodness like never before. And we're going to make that together.

Because ultimately, we're here to show how amazing you are. And I'm there to do it because I completely agree with you and want to make sure that's what you have the biggest pleasure of remembering.


Q: Okay, that's cool, but what if we're really awkward in front of the camera?

A: To be in front of my camera, all you have to do is exist. Your hand doesn't have to go in specific places, your everything doesn't have to be perfectly splayed out, you don't have to be anything you're not. What you're doing right this second is perfect. It's honest enough for me.

If you're worried, I will gladly help you along. But I think you'll find it comes more natural than you expected.

real, strong women

Boudoir investment varies based on what products and prints you choose to invest in. Sessions including digital image files and albums start at 750, with most people investing between 1000-1500 for their session. All sessions and products are customized, so don't hesitate to reach out to talk about what fits your needs.

I recommend reaching out and having a conversation to see what will fit you the best, to make sure your boudoir session is something out of your dreams.


Where to next?

A wedding and portrait photographer based in Duluth + Minneapolis MN, traveling outward.

A believer in the honest and a photographer of the true moments that surround your life.

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