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Nothing is easy right now, and everything you're feeling is valid.  It sucks having the biggest party you've ever planned being thrown off completely by something you couldn't have seen coming. It's okay to be angry, frustrated, numb, unsure. It's okay to feel all the things.

As I started to gather resources for my couples, I decided that these resources were best shared with everybody - so I gathered them into one single page here when you can flip through and see ideas, mindset refreshers, next steps to take, and more. 

Know that here at The Autumn Dog it is my biggest hope that this summer will continue as planned - but our biggest goal is to keep everybody's grandmothers safe. 

If you need a place to sit for a while, a place to cry a bit or laugh or have a virtual coffee, my online door is always open. We're in this together.


are you a couple who lost their wedding photographer due to a postponement and schedule issue?

Finding vendors the first time was hard enough, let alone having to do it again. We're here to work with you and whatever situation you're in. Reach out and we can talk about your new date, crazy finances right now, and what would help make you feel at ease.

I opened my head and heart on the blog with a new series, COVID-19 Diaries


My date is in September, at what point should I postpone?

I recommend checking in on what your state's current suggested guidelines for gathering are - while it's true that the guidelines have been pushed back multiple times, I don't want you to push your wedding unless it's absolutely necessary. Right now, WI rules are dictated by the county and MN is allowing indoor venues to have 50% capacity as long as social distancing is applicable. The main question you'll have to ask yourself is whether you'll enjoy your party as much without hugs and kisses and squishes by your family and friends.

Should we elope or cancel or postpone? I don't know what to do.

This is such a touch and go situation to be in, there are so many couples out there who just want to be married and done! Some couples have chosen to elope on what would have been their original date, and then celebrate with family and friends afterward. If you choose to do this, make sure you don't have any stay-home orders in your state on the date you do it, since photography isn't an essential service and it may be illegal for your photographer to be there. I don't recommend cancelling, as most retainers are not refundable, even during circumstances such as these. Cancelling and then rebooking vendors entirely is likely going to highly affect your overall cost of your event by a landslide. If you're a client of mine, I have some positive incentives for whatever route you choose, so if you're considering making changes, reach out and we'll talk about your options.

What if we're getting married later on this year, like December? Should we postpone?

While it's difficult to know exactly how long this is going to last, it's important to remember that at some point, it will end. If there's still a few months before your event, there's a good chance that the recommendation for gatherings is going to change, and I would say to keep an eye on it and make a decision closer to your event.

People keep leaving their homes and it's frustrating. Advice on how to stay calm?

I know it can be really maddening to see people ignoring CDC recommendations or worse, state-wide sanctions. The important thing to remember is that following the rules yourself is not only keeping others safe, but yourself as well. Those wild hoarders at Walmart will influence you less if you're not there to see them. Stay off social media more than usual, forgive yourself for a lack of productivity, and be extra kind during these things. What you put out into the universe will come back to you. And remember: you can't control everybody. So letting go of that desire will help you immensely.

It's official: we're postponing. How do we choose a new date?

It's important to work hand-in-hand with your vendors to find a date that works for the most of them, since you likely wouldn't see any refunds if they're unavailable. Your best chances are going to be rescheduling to a NON-Saturday date (like a Friday, Sunday, or even Monday). I recommend trying to keep the event within the same year, in a less busy month like November or December. I completely understand the desire to have a wedding in a particular season, so if you feel the strong pull to get married at the same time next year, your vendors should understand. I still recommend choosing a non-Saturday date to help accomodate to everybody's schedules.

If you're a client of mine, I have minute-to-minute updated schedule above where you can view available or unavailable dates.

How do we start telling people?

If you have a wedding website through The Knot or Zola, that's a great place to start. Otherwise, texts, emails, messages are all acceptable forms. Nobody is going to criticize you for having to share the news digitally. You can also divvy up lists (such as "mom's friends") and give them to people who are in closer contact with those guests to help get the task done faster. Lastly, once you choose a new date, you can either opt for new invitations/save-the-dates - or you can send a new digital version of the invite. Either way, your guests will understand. Expect to have to manage new RSVP's and new regrets for a little while, as it's likely you won't have the exact same guest roster.

What's The Autumn Dog's cancellation policy?

If you hired me to photograph your event this year and you're nervous about having to move it, take a deep breath. We're on a team here, and we're going to make this work. It has always been my policy that couples that reschedule their date with no rescheduling fee, and that hasn't changed. It has also been my policy that if I can't make your event, I'd send a photographer in my place - and that also hasn't changed. I recommend reaching out as soon as you've decided to postpone, to get a gauge for what dates work well with your calendar, mine, and your other vendors as well.

Still feeling a little lost?

If you have an unanswered question or you just need somebody to talk to, you can reach out here. I want to help you through whatever you feel isn't clear right now, even if that means you have to complain about being home or not getting the wedding you dreamed of.

We're in this together.

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