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It's simple, really. You bring nothing but yourself, and we'll make it even more gorgeous than it already is. You don't need to shop for new clothing. You don't need to redecorate, to put on a fake smile. Everything we build together is based on thing you already own, with emotions you're already feeling.

Because a photography session is more than just photographing you. It's showing who you are. Right now. As-is.

Tell me your ideal images and let's make them real. Honest. Real. Hands-down gorgeous.

Because you deserve nothing less.

What They Say

She captured my daughter’s beauty and personality.

We needed a senior portrait photographer and we found Makayla in Duluth. She has a style that is out of this world. Her personal interaction with my daughter was so much fun to watch. She captured my daughter’s beauty and personality. We love every single picture and video she took. It was an experience to remember. We would highly recommend her for your senior pictures!

—  Kim, mom of 2018 + 2020 seniors

Kortnee loves Duluth and wanted senior portraits that felt like her - and she was ecstatic to see the results.

the inspiration

It's pretty simple - it's you. It's the hugs you dole out and the people and animals you care about and the things that matter most.

And I'll use those to make art for you.

I believe that your story is important and worth telling: as-is. 

A lot of the photos I take aren't looking at the camera. They're meant to be more than just photos of you - they're photos about you.

Photographs are no longer a sit still look pretty notion. They can be filled with energy and light and warm goodness like never before. And we're going to make that together.

Because ultimately, we're here to show how amazing you are. And I'm there to do it because I completely agree with you and want to make sure that's what you have the biggest pleasure of remembering.

real, honest stories

Portrait investment varies based on what products and prints you choose to invest in. Sessions including digital image files start at 675, with many folks investing approximately 1000 in printed heirlooms from their session. All sessions and products are customized, so don't hesitate to reach out to talk about what fits your needs.

I recommend reaching out and having a conversation to see what will fit you the best, to make sure your portrait photographs are something out of your dreams.


Where to next?

A wedding and portrait photographer based in Duluth + Minneapolis MN, traveling outward.

A believer in the honest and a photographer of the true moments that surround your life.

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