Gooseberry Falls Sunrise Engagement | North Shore, MN | Rachel + James

Updated: Apr 10


I could tell right off the bat that these two are meant to be together. They pretty much treated our session like a mini date, and spared no kiss or embrace. We trekked our way through Gooseberry Falls very early in the morning, and if you're thinking "UGH 6am to drive there, I'd never do that" you're missing out. Our light was relentlessly perfect, and everything fell into place. They humored my silly games and jokes and never told me no (and boy, did it ever make a difference!).

I'm SO excited to release these on the blog today, in hopes that everyone will remember to take their engagement session with a little more of a light heart, a little more embrace, and a lot more laughs.


#engagement #northshore #statepark

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