How to know you found the PERFECT Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 19

There's like, 20 gajillion photographers in the world. Okay, not quite 20 gajillion, but you could easily make it to page 10 on Google of photographers just in your hometown, and that's not even including photographers that are a short distance away too.

We're EVERYWHEREEE. And picking just one of us talented folks is like picking the sharpest needle in a stack of needles. Good. Freakin'. Luck. Thankfully, there's a myriad of posts and articles and how-to's in the world that share exactly how to start and finish the daunting task of finding someone you trust. But this one's gonna be different.

Here's how you know when you've found the one:

1. You read almost every word on their website.

You read their entire bio. You read every information page. Maybe you even got lost in blog post after blog post. You spent some hella good time on their site and you didn't click away immediately or skim or jump to find the pricing first - this is a pretty good sign that the photographer as an individual, not just in their work, drew your attention in a way that you totally vibed with. It's fate, really.

2. Your consult/conversation flowed ridiculously easy.

It's normal for slightly awkward interactions and standard pauses in chat, but if your photographer stumbles and doesn't really know what to talk about, this isn't the best sign. Every experienced photographer is going to require a consultation to make sure you're a good fit, and if the conversation flows SUPER well, and your humor lines up, and it feels like talking to an old friend, you've hit the jackpot my dear. If you're skyping and your photographer stares for a few seconds and says, "I'm not sure what to talk about, do you have any questions?", run the other direction. Fast.

3. They talk more about you than themselves.

The right photographer is going to be very invested in you as a person and as a couple. If they're always asking you questions and trying to learn more about you, it's evident that you are a priority to them - which is crucial in finding the perfect person to photograph your wedding day.

4. Their values align with yours.

If you're incredibly invested in detail oriented images of your wedding, make sure your photographer is too. Or if you believe your people are what matter most, make sure your photographer feels the same way. A true vendor match-made-in-heaven starts and ends with sharing the same values of what matters most at your event.

How did you know when you found the one? Drop your own tips below in the comments!

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