What are Adventure Weddings/Elopements?

We're taking the elopement up a notch in the "freakin' awesome" department. The growth of the adventure wedding/elopement has proven to be sticking around for a while, with couples choosing to take what could have been a simple outdoorsy trip and turning it into an amazing declaration of love and marriage - atop mountains, on lakes, in the hot, cold, anywhere that truly feeds the adventurous spirit.

Here's a few perks to the cause:

1. Planning together

Because this is something as couple that you're totally in to, the appeal to choosing a location is huge for both parties involved. You get to dream up a location, travel there together, really spend the whole experience together, rather than only seeing each other for a few hours on your wedding day.

2. Gorgeous photographs - smaller price tag

What photographs would you be hanging on your wall anyway? Probably not a photograph of your cake. The couple's portraits are usually the most cherished part of the day, so skip the rest and have a BBQ reception at home. Going all out on the portraits/ceremony in a kick-ass location is going to be a story to remember, without having to pay for details that only provide real satisfaction to your guests (see ya later, favor koozies!).

An adventure wedding/elopement is right for you if:

1. The thought of planning a wedding seems exhausting

If you've started to think about caterers and venues and florists and all you can think is OMG NO over and over in your head, maybe it's time to reconsider. While planning for travel can be stressful too, there's far less coordinating with lots of other people to pull off the gorgeousness of your dreams. Plus if things go wrong, or the timeline runs off track, nobody is getting stressed out.

2. You think traditional weddings are a little . . . boring

Does the thought of using your town's go-to venue make you cry? Are you wanting more than just an over-sauced chicken dinner because you had to cater through them? Do you have nightmares at night about chair bows and having to thank your great uncle's roommate's cousin for coming? Ditch it.

3. You want an incredible story to tell

While I've seem and participated in some drop-dead amazing weddings (can we TALK about the UW-Madison marching band for just a sec????) not everybody can work an incredible, magical something-or-other into their weddings. By having an adventurous experience, you get to build your own story with it's own amazing plot that means you'll always win the "where'd you get married?" competition.

Adventures can be big or small. It could be a half mile hike to a waterfall in your town's state park, it could be a 5 mile hike at Glacier National. Adventure is all about feeding your craving for an unusual or an exciting experience, and there's many variations in between of that.

Looking for inspiration? Check out past elopements, and drop your favorite below!

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