Top 4 Reasons to follow your elopement dreams

Eloping is no longer surrounded by the stigma of family feuds and quiet shotgun weddings. It's time to talk about the ways that you can totally express yourselves as a couple better by running off and doing you rather than throwing a huge gala. And modern elopements doing always carry the secret that past elopements have - now many couples are choosing to plan out their elopement, and make it publicly known.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good wedding. But I love a good elopement even more, and it's time to talk about why.

1. Family Stress

Now despite how great weddings are, you can't lie and say you haven't stressed about your 250 person guest list (because your mom would kill you if you didn't invite every. single. extended. family. member.) Suddenly you're terrified of your $20 per plate catering bill, and your daily wedding planning de-stressing bath has not been enough to rid yourself of the nightmares. Forego the long-winded invites, and heck even the long-winded wedding party, and run away together. You can still have a small amount of people come with, and it'll be far more intimate and meaningful.

2. You'll actually see each other on your "wedding" day

Despite the popularity of the first look, many couples are still going to forego this extra event and save that special glance for the aisle - but for ceremonies that start at 4pm, you only actually have a few hours to see your favorite human ever.

If (WHEN) you choose to elope, you can spend literally the whole day together. Spend the whole day hiking, traveling, picking the most amazing natural location to say your vows and then take portraits and cuddle for as long as you frickin' like. You'll have way more images of the two of you together, being hot and being yourselves than you may alternatively have with only 45 minutes of couple's portraits for a big wedding.

3. You can go literally anywhere

You're not longer bogged down by an expensive local venue that is thee place to get married: you can do whatever the hell you want. Go wherever the hell you want. The north pole is your limit.

4. Conquer the post-wedding blues.

Something that is often dismissed is just how tough the post-wedding blues are. By making the simple decision to elope, you're cutting out so much of the planning and attachment process, and this can make it easier on you in the long run.

Would you ever consider eloping? Leave your comments below!

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