Shoot and Share Contest Results

Every year, the Shoot and Share Contest is the most anxiety inducing 3 months of time. First, you start by somehow having to pick your 50 favorite images from that year, and then have to spend a month and a half looking at all sorts of other AMAZING work from photographers around the globe. And yet, somehow, I ended up here.

Last year in Shoot and Share 2017, of my 39 submitted images: 2 were top 10%, 5 were top 20%, and 1 was top 30%.

This year, of my 50 submitted images, 21 of them made a place somewhere in the top 30%. I'm blown away and beyond excited, and it's been so cool to see fellow photographers share their results and cheer each other on.

Huge shout out to the amazing clients below: thanks for choosing me. And for all of you in this upcoming year, thanks for choosing me too. Because your images are going to be next in line :)


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