I Will Wear Shorts to your Wedding

This blog post has been a long time coming, and I'm so excited about it.

So at the start of every wedding season, I assess my gear and make a list of things I want to purchase. I also assess my "uniform" when it comes to event day clothing, and I update/upgrade it and buy new shoes (because I go through at least 3 pairs of shoes every season). And this year in particular I've been having a ridiculously enjoyable time with this for one specific reason.

I'm looking for a pair of shorts.

Now for the average onlooker, this doesn't seem like a crazy thing to do. But upon consulting an endless amount of "do's and don't's" of the professional clothing world, I'm laughing hysterically and ready to crack open the champagne. Most blogs I've consulted have bestowed shame upon those who wear any form of color other than black, and those who even consider wearing shorts. "Don’t ever show up wearing shorts to photograph a wedding".

"Don’t ever show up wearing shorts to photograph a wedding."

Last year, I worked an event with a fantastic photographer. It was an upscale venue, upscale event, lots of family, lots of tears, by all means it was a high-end professional setting. And this guy wore a grey t-shirt and olive green pants with oxfords. And you know how many people cared?


So below I've compiled a list of other "controversial" things that I will do at your wedding that the internet tells me not to.

1. I will wear leggings to your wedding.

My favorite wedding pants are a dress pair of black leggings. They're not see-through, they're not skin-tight, but I can squat like you wouldn't freaking believe and they are unbelievably comfortable. I will wear them. They are my favorite.

2. I will not wear all black.

I believe all black is reserved for funerals, and that's not happening here. I'll likely be wearing a colored shirt. You still won't notice me 75% of your wedding day.

3. I will get reallllly close to your face.

There are folks out there who believe that couple portraits are best photographed at a distance, and that's just not me. You'll be laughing so hard your eyes will be closed anyway, you'll hardly notice I'm right there. You'll get your distance at other times of the day (like dinner and the ceremony), but those up close, intimate portraits - you're gonna love them. You're going to look amazing.

4. I will dance at your reception.

Who says photographers can't dance at receptions? Whoever made this rule clearly doesn't understand my groove thing. I'll be busting a move (with the camera in hand) and it'll look awful, and I'm not sorry.

5. I will photograph your ceremony barefoot.

If you're having an outdoor ceremony, there is a 100% chance I will be barefoot. I actually purchased a pair of shoes that specifically slip on and off easily, because my creativity spikes when I'm barefoot. So your ceremony images are going to be stunning, my feet can breath and relax, and nobody is even gonna notice.

6. I will wear shorts to your wedding.

If your wedding is outdoors, mid-August, at 2 in the afternoon, I am not going to be wearing black pants. I will be wearing a pair of twill/khaki shorts. Nobody is creative when they are miserable and hot and stuffy. So the internet can cry tears and screams of "no shorts at weddings!" but internet, I'm not listening today.

I will wear shorts to your hot summer wedding. And your images are going to be the photographs of your dreams.

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