Why I leave "out of focus" images in your gallery

No, it wasn't an accident. I left it there on purpose.

These types of images are typically declared "unfit" by the usual photographer when they're removing the bad images from your gallery. And that's not in bad taste: for some people, that just isn't their vision, and I get it.

But for me, this images bring so much life into your wedding day. It creates more emotion. It shows how reality may have felt.

Additionally, it probably wasn't an accident. Sometimes I intentionally create "out of focus" images if there's something profound about the light that I want to draw attention to. It brings a whole new element to the image and encourages you to look around, to explore the different components to it. It's not just looking at the couple because they're perfectly in focus. It's creating a warmth, a presence to that moment in time.

For example: look at the way the light is hitting the greens and blues in the image above. And the texture in the trees? Freakin' swoon, okay.

Sometimes there is more to an image than the sharpness, the crispness caused by being in focus. And I'm not afraid to share that with you.

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