Central Park Destination Adventure Session | New York, NY | Andrea + Matt


When I started chatting with Andrea + Matt about their session in NYC, I knew I had to jump on board the Central Park bandwagon. It is unbelievable just how freaking gorgeous this green space within the city is, and with an ultra-confusing map and the ability to get lost for days, I had a good feeling about how this session would turn out.

Oh, and they brought Bruce the chi-weenie, so I was pretty much done for the minute we started.

From green spaces to Manhattan skyline views, there isn't a single second of this time we spent together that I'd take back. Andrea is a photographer, Matt is an actor. They have big dreams to move to L.A., and if they were a flavor of ice cream, they'd for sure be neopolitan.

Hey New York, I'm sorry for what I said before. While you are definitely a little underwhelming, you are still gorgeous and full of life.


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