Intimate Backyard Wedding | Muskego, WI | Aisling + Mark

Updated: Aug 5


The best events are the ones where people allow themselves to wear their hearts and emotions on their sleeves. They allow themselves to have fun. They eat the cake. They talk with as many people as possible. They focus less on how to make it the perfect representation of a wedding and more about how to make it about them.

And by golly, Aisling and Mark did it. From yard games to the literal backyard ceremony, there wasn't an ounce of this day that didn't speak to all of their family and friends.

It was 90 degrees and miserable, but folks went in the lake. There were surprise fireworks. They danced anyway. They were truly there to soak every moment in of what was their wedding day. It truly was a perfect Muskego summer wedding.

If these two were a flavor of ice cream, they'd be good ol' strawberry. Both refreshing and sweet, and appropriate in every situation.


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