Mental and Physical Preparation for your Boudoir Session

We are a small MONTH AND A HALF away from the first installment of Stripped Down, and I think this is going to be SO good! For most of the participants, this is their first experience in front of the camera in a sexy/partially bare way, and that can be so intimidating. It can be terrifying.

But it's also freeing. It's allowing yourself to drop all of the negativity that you're so accustomed to carrying and to just allow yourself to be and to enjoy this time that you've made for yourself. I can honestly NOT WAIT to meet and adore over each and every one of you.

So I'd like to start with a small checklist for you to go over as you prepare for your session. These are small details that are going to help you set yourself up for success, and to make sure that you feel ready.

So here's your checklist of things to do in the time leading up to your session:

Speak positively to yourself in the mirror. And not in the mirror.

Yes, I'm darn serious. You're talking to the girl with the crooked nose here. We all know what we'd rather change about ourselves, but it's your homework in the entire week leading up to your session to spend just 30 seconds every morning reminding yourself what makes you amazing. Thank yourself for the body that carries you everywhere. For the gorgeous eyes that allow you to see your loved ones every day. For the strength in your soul that has given you the power to sign up for this session in the first place. Praise yourself for one physical and one mental trait of yourself that you LOVE. Do it.

Keep your body and soul as natural as possible.

There's no need to fancy up your nails or to go overboard with the spray tan. Let the things you do to beauty yourself be as minimal as possible - such as keeping your nails trimmed and clean but not painted, to even out your tan lines but not do a spray tan the day before. Let your makeup be light enough to show your freckles. We are in this together for every honest and real and nitty gritty piece of you there is, so let that shine through.

Bring your favorite, perfectly fitting clothing.

There is no clothing item that doesn't belong in our session space. The only stipulation on clothing? You have to be able to BREATHE. Make sure the pieces you bring don't cut into your skin or fit just a little too tight. We're about making this cozy and comfy for you, so make sure you feel that way in whatever pieces you bring. If you decide to go shopping, don't worry about what the stupid little tag says. It bears no burden to you. Wear what feels right.

Lastly, there's nothing that water and food won't fix.

I can understand the desire to maybe want to skip breakfast the day of your session, but please, don't. Your session is going to be a little more physically demanding than you may think, and you're going to need the nutrients to make sure you can maintain a good level of happy and excited. If you're worried about bloat or feeling too full, stick to a light breakfast like fruits and bring a snack with you. There won't be any hangry going on in our session space.

Most importantly, allow yourself to feel like yourself. There is no pressure or performance that you need to be feeling, and there is nothing absolutely nothing about you that doesn't belong in front of the camera.

Love yourself.

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