The characteristic you NEED in a wedding dress for amazing photographs

So here's the thing: your dress does not need to be the most important aspect about your day. If you don't really care too much about what you're wearing or what it looks like, that's totally fine. You don't need to be over-invested in it. It's okay if you didn't cry when you picked it out (but it's also totally okay if you did).

But what DOES matter is that you're comfortable, and you like it. And one other super important detail goes into it as well.

Because here's the thing: all of your portraits are going to be in that dang dress. So you need to be happy and confident and totally in love with how it feels and looks because that's it for the day.

So what's the last super key important factor into choosing a dress? What detail is going to make or break your portraits?


1a. It needs to have movement.

You're here with me because you want fearless, emotional photographs that have life and volume to them. This requires a lot of movement and playing and laughing and having these genuine connections. And what better movement than in a dress?

I know that not everybody loves the ballgown style, but even form fitting dress have movement. While you're in the fitting area, take a few spins and watch the way the dress moves. If it's A-line or ball gown, are you able to pick it up easily from the front/top layer? Are you comfortably able to hold it? If it's more fitted, does the bottom open in a gorgeous way? The way the fabric moves around you will add to the energy of your photographs in a substantial way.

1b. YOU need to have movement.

It may seem obvious, but it's really not as simple as you think. I've had so many brides who cannot sit down in their dress. Who can barely lean in their dress. I've had a bride who felt like she couldn't eat in her dress. And all of these factors are just going to make you miserable. A totally form fitting dress is definitely gorgeous, but limits you SO MUCH if the material doesn't have any give at all.

So while you're trying on dresses, find a nearby chair and sit. Then sit on the ground. Then lay on the ground. Dance and spin and laugh in the mirror. Because these are all things that, on your wedding day, are going to make for gorgeous photographs. And you don't want to miss a thing.

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