In-depth What to Wear for your Boudoir Session

Boudoir is more about you than what you're wearing, but clothing is hugely important. The lines against your body and how comfortable you are vastly change the experience for you. You don't have to be naked or even close to for boudoir to be just as sexy and flirty as normal (for example, the clothing I chose above does not scream sexy, but paired with some rich textures and play with light, it still gives off the same effect).

Clothing doesn't have to be (and really isn't suggested to be) extremely lacy or complicated. Your favorite and most comfortable pieces are your best pieces.

First off, if you're not sure, bring options. ​ I'm more than happy to pick through a few ideas to make sure you'll be over the moon about how it turns out. Try to limit it to three or four different combos max though, we don't want to spend all our time going through the clothing.

Create a small "capsule" wardrobe

What I mean is, bring:

A) Two sets of base clothing (such as a bra/shorts and tank/underwear and/or bra/underwear combo) in two different neutrals (maybe a black and a grey or shade of tan)

and then also bring

B) Two pull-over pieces (such as a large sweater, flowy cardigan, favorite plain tee) that we can mix and match together.

This will give you a lot of different looks without having to carry so much stuff into the space. If you want to bounce ideas or send me photos, HECK YES. I'll definitely help you out. You can text me or I'll give you my Snapchat.

Flattery and Focal Points

This is always the hardest part because every body believes that what they wear needs to flatter every part of their body and it's totally NOT TRUE. Even though you are clearly perfect exactly how you are, it can be hard to feel that way while standing very bare in front of a camera.

Here's the deal: now clearly the goal is to feel amazing head to toe, so if you have clothing that does make you feel bomb AF, definitely bring those. But if you also have a piece that accentuates your favorite part of your body but you feel it totally derails another, bring. it. anyway. We can work with posing and blankets and light to accentuate only your favorite parts. The goal here is to show your favorites parts of you, and I don't want you to feel self-conscious by trying to bare it all if that just isn't who you are. This is also exactly why I suggest bringing a cardigan if you have a favorite - they are a versatile piece that I can work with open, closed, slightly off the shoulder, worn like a wrap around the back, seriously so many ways.

For a fun little experiment, find the hashtag #5secondtransformation (5 second transformation) on Instagram. Right now. Because THAT is exactly how good posing, light, and all of the other things that I know very well come into play. Together we'll make magic, no matter what you bring.

Also, make sure the items you bring fit. And not just fit because you can get it on, but fits lightly and loosely enough to move and breathe but also won't fall down. Don't worry about the tags or the section you're shopping in or anything. Just get it because it fits. We don't want any clothing mishaps to make you look any less than your perfect self.

Movement ​ Do you remember the old "Whose Line is it Anyway?" skit called Stand Sit Bend? No? That's fine. ​ Anything you wear should fit comfortably so you can stand in it, sit in it, and bend in it. Having the freedom of movement will open a world of possibilities of actions and ideas and other cozy stuff. ​ Also, clothing that can catch motion as well as partially cover (such as a long cardigan, a sheer cover up, etc) is always a hands-down winner. The motion in the photographs makes it come alive in a way that I can't even describe to you. Ugh. So good.

Color ​ Neutrals flatter everybody - blacks, browns, shades of tan, and whites are my all-time favs and the most recommended colors for in-home boudoir. But if you absolutely want color, there's a shade for you - choose deeper, "neutral" shades in the color spectrum. For green, choose a shade of olive. For red, choose a shade of deep wine or burgundy. Yellow, mustard. There's a neutral for every color, and these shades are going to photograph the best in the boudoir setting. Stay away from neons and bright colors.


Avoid printed patterns, but rather bring textures. If you have a favorite lace/small printed floral wrap or textured blanket, bring it PLZ. But avoid having printed patterns and large patterns (such as polka dots or large sized florals) on the clothing you're wearing. It'll distract from our main goal and create busyness in the image.

Hair + Makeup ​ Whether or not you have hair/makeup done is totally up to you. I want you to hop out of your vehicle and hug me feeling the most you you've ever been, so if having your hair pinned up and the face painted on isn't you, please don't. You'll wish you didn't. If you're totally obsessed with every aspect of makeup, please do you. You'll love the images that much more because it totally represents who you are. Along with the regular color recommendations, I suggest keeping any colors down to muted earthy tones.

So did you have pieces in mind while reading this advice? Head to your closet girl, take a look! I'm sure your best and favorite pieces will be exactly what you need to bring for sure xx

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