How to Find Your Comfort in Intimacy

So here you are, thinking about doing (or maybe already signed up for) an in-home couples session. And you maybe haven't really seen them done before or you're not sure what to expect or you're totally as cool as a cucumber, but it's definitely a different feel to a session.

The most important thing for an in-home session is this: being able to find the comfort in intimacy. And here's your quick pep talk on how.

To begin with: you're probably no stranger to intimacy at all.

You know the intimacy that is your partner making a medium roast coffee in a robe, for you to head in there and wrap your arms around them with slow ease. You know the intimacy of a movie night in the summer, where you're just a little too warm to cuddle so you intertwine legs instead. You know the feeling of lightly running your fingers through their hair as you start to fall asleep. You know all of these feelings, and probably already have comfort in them.

So it's the camera that makes it different.

But take comfort in this. I can count on one hand the number of times I'm going to ask you to look at me. Because it doesn't make sense to look at the camera for an in-home session. This is meant to feel like a snippet into your lives together. And yes, maybe it's in my rented studio and not your actual home, but that doesn't change anything about how the two of you interact with each other.

Let yourselves feel that normal level of intimacy. You have to put on no show for me.

Whatever your version of love is, I already know I adore it.

So if it helps, put yourself in that place of love before you arrive to the session. Sit down and have breakfast (or lunch or dinner) together. Talk a little bit about some goals/hopes/dreams you have right now. Makeout a little bit (or a lot a bit). If you're coming to me for the in-home session, roll up in your pajamas. Take it slow. Allow yourselves to feel some lazy Sunday (or cozy Monday afternoon) vibes. Whatever it takes to put you in the space of mind, do it.

Because being your normal, loving self is all you need to be.

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