Extraordinary: How to walk away with unique photographs from the venue everybody uses

It can be very easy to forget that your wedding does not live in a vacuum of weddings. You are not the only couple to wed at your venue, or on your date, or even the only couple that your vendors may see that weekend. And that's not to say that you're not unique, because you are absolutely damn special - but visually, things can definitely start to look the same, even if you don't see that.

Just for fun: do a google image search of your venue super quick. No, I'm serious. Do it. I'll wait.

Were you planning to lay out the room just the same as in these photographs you found?

Listen: if you love the layout, it's totally fine. There's beauty in consistency, and I want you to do what you truly want to do.

But do you have a small desire to be different? To be extraordinary? Could you excite your photographer in a way that pushes them to create new images that haven't been seen before? Could you have your guests talking about how different this was compared to the other weddings they went to this year?

So what can you do?

And the fix is simple, but I'll dive into more detail.

Rearrange the room.

That's right, I said it was simple. Just rearrange the room.

You don't have to have your ceremony in front of the too-bright window.

You don't have to put your head table up against the wall.

You don't have to enter from the side of the room with nothing pretty and a bunch of exit signs.

There are no rules you have to follow.

Okay, so some fun examples/ideas!!!!

Myth: The ceremony is usually up against a bright window because it's obviously super pretty.

Legendary: Step away from the too-bright window. Have your ceremony more towards the center of the room. Have a lot of guests? Literally surround yourself with them in a circle. Plus your photographs will be more gorgeously lit away from the too-bright window.

Myth: Having rows will make it easier for people to find spots to sit, and they can all see.

Legendary: Create a circle around you. Or a half moon even. Surround yourself (like mentioned above) with the love of the family and friends who are coming to celebrate you.

Myth: The head/sweetheart table sits up against a wall so you can see everyone.

Legendary: Put your sweetheart table in the center of the room so everyone can see you.

Myth: I need to have a tent in case it rains for my outdoor wedding.

Legendary: Have a clear tent instead of a white one. Hang greenery and lights from the inside of it. You don't need to put a white ceiling on your party just because it might rain. Watch the rain in awe.

Myth: White chair covers will cover the ugly chairs.

Legendary: Skip the chair cover rental fee, and spend a little extra to rent pretty chairs. No struggling with chair covers all night, and the venue will look way more cute.

I could go on and on for more ideas, but I think you get the point. Pushing the boundaries of ideas and layouts can make for some unique and driving photographs. And while this is not what dictates how well your photos turn out, it can definitely give more creative fuel and drive into making something that is so individualized just to you.


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