Why it doesn't matter if your photographer has photographed your venue before

"Have you photographed our venue before?"

There's a lot of wedding sites that list this as an essential question to ask your photographer - and I really disagree on its importance.

Have you ever walked into a new building (new to you at least) and been struck with awe at its gorgeousness? Its architecture? Lighting? Its anything?

That's why I love to photograph venues I've never been in before.

Walking into a new space as a photographer is like New Year's Day. It gives me the opportunity to look at something with completely new eyes, angles, and a fresh new creative feeling in my soul. It's the opportunity to be new. To be bold. To see and create differently than those before me (which is why I only do light research on venues beforehand).

So rather than ask the above question, maybe ask what you're concerned about:

"Our venue is very dark, do you know how to photograph it?"

"Our venue has a lot of orange wood, do you know how to photograph it?"

"Is there anything about our venue that makes you nervous or concerned to photograph?"

"Do you have any advice on how to make photographing our venue easier for you?"

These questions above will result in a much better, confident answer rather than having to awkwardly tell you "No, I haven't photographed your venue, but . . .".

So, no, it doesn't really matter if your photographer has photographed a wedding at your venue - as long as you're hiring a skilled, confident artist, your photos will still be the ones of your dreams.


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