How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are kind of actually the best thing ever. You get to run around and play and wear natural clothing and just be you for a while, and you end up with some rad photographs from it. But some people find themselves more stressed than anticipated - the last time you were in front of a professional camera was probably your senior year, and most people don't want to remember that time.

But together we're going to make this the easiest thing you'll do all year.

Choosing what to wear

This is the biggest pain point for a lot of people - they get hung up on trying to figure out what's best to wear. Honestly? Keep it as simple as possible. I recommend neutral colored clothing that coordinates, but doesn't match TOO well (more advice on clothing for engagement sessions). Stay away from colors that are too bold - like neons/brights, and colors near the red spectrum.

What to bring

Honestly? Not much for props. These will be things you carry around everywhere, causing the need to keep track of it. I recommend only bringing things that are truly meaningful - a guitar, a first date picnic blanket, etc. These are things that will add value to your session - but if you can't think of something, don't bring anything. The more you can move around easily, the more we can explore with just you two and your emotions.


I often tell people to choose places with some meaning, but don't fret if nothing comes to mind. Couples frequent state parks for sessions (I'd say about 75% of mine do) or even their backyards or homes. My only thing? If you're wanting somewhere that usually has a lot of people, opt for sunrise over sunset. Making out in public is okay, until some 10 year olds start staring at you. Then things might get a little weird, and we're going to avoid that.

Last Thoughts

Your engagement session is going to be so. damn. fun. You're going to play and reminisce and laugh and truly enjoy each others' company for that period of time. And there will be nothing else on your mind, and no worries - just plain joy.

You got this.


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