COVID-19 Diaries: Together, We Got This

It's been a looming topic, this one - weddings and COVID. If you've been at all trapped in your house or stuck on social media, it's popping up everywhere: the cancellations, the postponements, the what-to-do's. And it's real that this is fudging up a lot of people's plans (including, maybe even yours). And maybe you've seen businesses announce their struggles, and fears, and you've received email after email about measures being taken regarding COVID.

I too, have been writing and rewriting this to figure out exactly what to say (because I'm not going to waste your time telling you in multiple paragraphs that I'm washing my hands and sanitizing my cameras). We're all in impossible situations right now. The heavy mix of fear and anxiety and loss of income and nerves about planning events (that are technically banned right now) is incredibly difficult.

I came to only one glaring conclusion, and it's that I want you to remember this: I've always been, and will continue to be, your biggest cheerleader and a member of your team. It's always been the standard of The Autumn Dog to offer reschedules/postponements with no fees attached, and this will continue to be the standard. It has always been the standard of The Autumn Dog to send a replacement photographer, if I personally wasn't able to make your event - this will continue to be the case, even with rescheduled dates.

If you're a new client here just trying to understand what to do, know you are in a safe place. To account for the dip in resources, I've lowered my retainer rate from 50% down to 35%, to make it easier to book your vendors with less money up front.

But the key thing is to remember this: there was a time before this that was better, and that time will come again soon.

So in the meantime I'll be in my office, giving Chaucer extra snuggles, and answering your emails even faster than before.

Hop off of social media for a little while, and just breathe. The days feel longer when staring at screens, reading the same let-down news over and over again.

Summer and easier times will come soon.


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