COVID-19 Diaries: Weddings and Essentialism

Updated: Apr 3


It goes by many names: essentialism, minimalism, to name a few. But it's the concept that what you need in your life is only what could be considered essential. It's the idea that if you don't truly need it to function or express yourself, you don't really need it at all.

And this is ever more present in these times of being stuck-at-home and unable to do a lot of activities you maybe once considered essential.

If there's any silver lining in this pandemic, it's knowing that more and more people are coming face to face with what really matters in their life: their families. And through all of this, you see more and more people saying they miss their family and friends more than they miss the gym or eating out or going shopping or basically anything.

And if there's anything I'm hopeful for, it's that this becomes the mindset of weddings this year and next.

I've been a longtime supporter of minimalism and I'm finding that the way this translates into weddings becomes the most incredible combination. Because what's the most draining part of a wedding? Usually the planning. And imagine if you didn't have to plan details like centerpieces or signage or favors or crap like bathroom baskets.

What if you only broke it down to the essentials: a room of your people with food and dance. That's it.

I absolute sympathize with folks who feel they're losing their dream wedding because they have to reschedule/postpone/cancel so many details they worked tirelessly on. But imagine, just for a second, the feeling when you no longer have to put energy into those items. Imagine the feeling when you see your people after being separate for so long, and you're just allowed to freaking hug the hell out of them.

It suddenly makes so many details feel so, so small.

I think the feeling of so many weddings this year is going to be this overwhelming resilience: think of everything you had to conquer to make it here. For your guests to make it here. To see how much of a priority they consider you to be in their lives. I think there are going to be so many hugs and so many stress-relieving tears and so many sighs of relief.

Let this strange coronavirus situation be your free pass - forget about the stuff that doesn't matter, and focus on what does. None of your guests will notice that you didn't have programs or a menu for every place setting or uplighting or anything else that you don't necessarily need to throw a wedding.

They'll be happy they can see you and hug you and love you to death. And that's what matters after all of this.

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