JX Event Center Marriage | Stillwater, MN | Lauren + Sam

Updated: Jun 22


Lauren and Sam, like many couples, didn't have a straight and narrow path to finding each other. But once they were there, their type of love was absolutely infectious. Friend after friend expressed their desire to have somebody who looks at them the way Sam does Lauren - and that became more and more evident as the day continued. This, my friends, was truly meant to be.

But their wedding day was more than just them - it was hanging with mom at the salon way early in the morning. It was Sam nervously dressing, but beaming at the opportunity to help his new step-son out too. It was dress changes and bourbon and photo reenactments. It was a ceremony - but also quick hugs, a dress change, and a cocktail hour where nobody was afraid to love each other.

It was speeches and songs to make everyone cry, a kilt made out of a table runner, the most hilarious cake eating reaction from a little girl I've ever seen. And yet, it was stilll yet more than that.

So thanks to Heather Jackson (jacksontakesphotos) for asking me to join her this day - because playing a small role in this love story is one for the ages.


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