Close Knit Duluth Wedding | Duluth, MN | Quentin + Tim


There are moments when something just feels right.

Having a ceremony at the Rose Garden. Going down to the water when at just the perfect time a cloud and a sailboat pop in to say hi. Laughs and tears that are so deep and meaningful. The reckless way of loving all your people.

These are just a few things that Quentin and Tim were made of on their wedding day.

From the way he looked at her while she was making a speech, to the very personal, very meaningful vows they wrote each other, no detail was left off the table. They included the children. The family and friends. Coworkers and even surprised each other about the clothing they were wearing.

Quentin physically skipped down the aisle to meet Tim.

This is just a small part of their story.


Photographed for Emmalee Ruth Photography

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