Houghton Falls Intimate Elopement | Washburn, WI | Lindsey + Jesse

Lindsey and Jesse have been together so long. So long, in fact, that it was mentioned multiple times that they have, in fact, been together for that long.

And here they finally were.

With Lindsey's parents in tow, they chose to have their ceremony on the cliffside at Houghton Falls in Washburn, WI. A ceremony, with vows and traditions from Corpse Bride, was centered around the two of them.

After their marriage, they chose to explore Echo Dells and the Iron Bridge Trail. And really, this was at the core of these explorations: go have fun. Go be yourselves, explore this area, do as you would do were this not your wedding day.

And with adventure in their souls, Lindsey and Jesse hiked trails and hills and crunched through leaves and watched as the snow started to fall from the sky at an alarming rate.

And yet, in one moment, Lindsey looked to the sky and quietly said to herself, "today was just magic."

Yes, yes it was. And it was all yours.


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