Intimate Backyard Wedding | Milwaukee, WI | Megan + Ben

If there was ever a year of the make-do attitude, this would be it.

Megan + Ben's original plan for a 200+ person ballroom wedding was definitely put on hold, when the pandemic hit and caused the massive nationwide halt of large gatherings. But their absolute desire to be married anyway prevailed.

So with them and their immediate families, they took to Saint Sebastian's Parish and got married anyway.

They catered in Olive Garden (the location of their first date, and the location where Ben ask Megan's parents for their blessing).

Their parents surprised them with a gorgeous "head table", fancy chargers and all.

They played Kubb in the backyard in their wedding attire, and cut a cake after all.

While plans change and things looked differently than they imagined, love won.

And this is their story.


Where to next?

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