Intimate North Shore Cabin Elopement | Tofte, North Shore, MN | Anna + Chancellor


Plans change.

Chance and Anna had been going back and forth on what their wedding would look like for months after COVID cut their plans short. Do we pick a new date, or wait until we know more? Do we have a small gathering in our parent's backyard, or do we gather at our cabin? What do we tell our guests that are asking all these questions?

It's impossible to know the right answer, but the right answer is always rooted in love.

So after going back and forth on a new date for their wedding, they called me up to have a few questions answered and slyly slipped in, "I've got a bit of an inkling to just elope on the original date!" My resounding support and availability that weekend was just enough fodder to the fire they were already feeling: they just wanted to be married. They were already wearing their rings after all.

So immediately after our Friday call they set up an appointment at the county clerk's office to get the license, got a dress on Monday, made sure the officiant and a witness were available, and a mere 8 days later they were married.

But these sudden changes certainly weren't "less than" because COVID made a shift: it merely altered the way their story was written.

So with Anna's childhood best friend and a dear friend officiant (along with a photographer that loves signing licenses!) they trekked up to the family cabin in Tofte, MN. They harvested some invasive lupine and made bouquets, pulled sparklers from the cabin basement, and set up a computer with a Zoom call for their family to see. They said personal vows, had prosecco toasts, and walked to dinner at Bluefin Bay.

And this is the story that was written.

Chapter One.


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