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Having worked personally hand-in-hand with so many members of the Northland Special Events team, I'm stoked to be sharing this profile on The Vault, the decor rental sister company of NSE. I asked Ellen, The Vault manager and lead event consultant, to share more details about what they do and why it matters.

For those new here, can you summarize who you are and what you do into two sentences?

The Vault is a Duluth, MN based event decor rental business. We connect clients with their wedding or event decor vision through our inventory and connections.

Nice and brief! I'd love to hear an extended version now.

The Vault Event Decor Rental's goal is to connect clients with their event decor vision - both through our inventory and through our industry connections. If we don’t have what you need, we know who will. Our experienced Event Consultants will work with clients to design their event decor and bring the visions to life on the day of the event. The Vault is a sister company of Northland Special Events. Our inventory collection originally started out of owner Mariah's basement, expanding with each event we assisted with. Over the years the collection grew, eventually needing its own space in downtown Duluth. We also lovingly call our shop/warehouse

The Vault gets its namesake from the 1939 bank vault that the space showcases. The Vault name came about in the beginning of 2020 when we realized that we'd love to share our inventory with more clients in different ways. The Vault now services a wide range of clients from those looking to pick up items to set up themselves to assisting with full service clients.

If your business was built on three values, what would you say those are and why did you choose them?


Teamwork makes the dream work and we value our connections in everything that we do. From partnering with other vendors to sharing our abundance with our community, creating connection matters to us. We realize that when all vendors on site can work together as a team the experience is even better for everyone involved- including our clients.


We believe that intentional design blends your personal style with our carefully selected inventory to create unique, memorable guest experiences. We strive to have our inventory span multiple styles while still being current so that each client is able to put together their own unique vision for their event.


We have a large and experienced team that gets the job done. We never want clients to worry about their event being executed flawlessly and on time. Safety of all is also a top priority in our work. We ensure our team is properly trained to utilize ladders, lifts and hanging elements and we carry proper liability insurance.

What would you say is the number one feeling you want your clients to walk away with when working with you?

Confident. We work to build a working relationship with each and every of our clients no matter how big or small so that they know that we're here for them. From the smallest rentals to the largest set ups we want our clients to have confidence that we will not only get the job done but that we will bring their vision to life.

What is the most important thing to you on somebody's wedding day?

The things we do on a wedding day really do vary depending on the client but we believe that one of our most valuable services is our styling & tear down package. With this package, clients can feel a sense of relief that the decor vision for their wedding has been put in professional's hands. We work with clients prior to the wedding date to develop an extensive list of everything that they are providing combined with anything they are renting. This list helps ensure that nothing is out of place or missed on the wedding day, down to the details.

This service allows clients (and their family & friends) to enjoy their day and be together instead of working to load, unload, set up, and style all of their decor elements. Another bonus is that at the end of the night client's can leave while the magic of the day is still in the air and don't have to see their vision be taken apart.

What made you choose to start this career path?

In high school I was in a mentorship program in which we were paired with a professional in our chosen career path to work with every week for an entire year. When I started thinking about which career path I was going to choose, honestly events just randomly popped into my head. I was paired with a venue manager at a country club and that's really where my love for the events industry grew.

I helped with a variety of events while I was there but one distinct moment sticks out. The venue manager was helping coordinate the processional for a wedding ceremony. Just before the bride walked through the doors in the ballroom to be married, she turned with tears in her eyes and gave my mentor a huge hug. Seeing the connection between people and the emotion that a fantastic event can foster in people is what made me dead set to pursue this as a career path.

Are there any exciting projects/offerings in the future that people can look forward to seeing?

We're very much looking forward to launching our new lounge collection this summer! We've started to add a few pieces here and there but we're pumped to start creating areas for clients and their guests to gather & connect in a more intimate and cozy setting.

Alright, it's always the elephant in the room, COVID-19. How are you and your clients handling the crisis?

Wedding planning is tough enough as is, even when you don't have a global pandemic in the day. Because of this, we are trying to make things as easy as possible for clients. All deposits are completely transferable to any new date. As we are a decor rental company, as long as the client's original items are available they will be reserved for that new date. If that isn't the case, we have a wide selection of different items that we can work with the client to swap out to get as close as possible to the original design. If clients choose to cancel entirely, our 50% deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to other services within our umbrella. We're working with clients on a case by case basis depending on the amount of work that we've already put into the planning to determine the best case scenario for both parties.

Are there any ways that people can help you and your business through this time?

Supporting our other brands Superior Blooms and Duluth Balloon Company by sending a little joy to someone through balloons or florals is much appreciated to help keep up our morale as well as help keep our business kicking! (Currently, because of the stay at home order we aren't delivering but are planning to start back up when we can!) Of course, continuing to book our services for events further in the future is also much appreciated.

Are there any parting words you want to leave us with?

We will get through this together and at the end we believe that we will all come out on the other side more connected because of it. Our industry is all about connection and we can't WAIT to get back to seeing our clients enjoying the spaces that we help create for them.

Where can people find you?


Instagram: @thevaultduluth



Where to next?

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