Voyageurs National Park | Camping and Elopement Scouting | International Falls, MN

Recently, I took a camping trip up to Voyageurs National Park - the plan was to do a different park this year, but plans had to change to keep it more local.

A short three hours from Duluth, MN, Voyageurs is one of the least trafficked national parks. It's possible to literally never come in contact with another person while you're there. The park has to be accessed by water (kayak, canoe, boat, etc) which means that most often, anybody there is doing some form of camping.

Besides being a very empty national park (perfect for a VERY intimate elopement!), Voyageurs is a near dark-sky location, and during August, has great viewing of the Milky Way. You could have some pretty wild elopement photographs if you chose to make a trip to say your nuptials.

Along my travels, there were a few locations that I HAD to document, because they would have been just perfect for a really emotional, intimate location to elope. Even if you wanted to have a few friends join you, many campsites have multiple tent pads (and though campsites are very spaced apart, many of them are just a short 5 minute kayak apart). Here's a few of my favorite images from the trip. Can you pick out which locations you'd consider eloping to in Voyageurs National Park?

The latter of the two campsites I visited is actually only about an hour kayak trip from the boat launch - you could boat out in the morning, spend the day viewing scenery, and in the evening get ready to say your vows. Picture saying your vows on a canoe, or on the lakeshore, and then celebrating with a few friends and some champagne until the stars come out.

If you'd like to hear more details about how I'd design an elopement at Voyageurs National Park, shoot me a message to talk! It's even cool just to talk about the experience, and how unique of a location it is.

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