Wall Art (and a really cute puppy!)

Updated: Apr 10

So let me just start by saying that little Chaucer dog is basically the light of my life. Okay, moving on.

Usually unlucky me managed to win an amazing metal print when I attended Imaging USA in mid-January (hooray for extra heavy business cards!). Well, it's here, and oh boy let me tell you about this wall art.

First of all, in case you didn't know, my lab deliveries arrive promptly at 6pm to my enclosed porch (keeping your items safe from the snow and cold!). I had just gotten home from an errand, and before leaving to get pizza, went to check the porch for the metal.

I just about ripped the door off its hinges when I saw the box.

I tear the door open screaming, "Joe! IT'S HERE! THE METAL IS HERE!" and he screams back, "WHY AREN'T YOU OPENING IT?!?!" and trust me, I was, as fast as I could.

Now this gorgeous piece of art was taken in a coffee shop in central Chicago. I had taken multiple weeks to travel around the country, and while my camera was not strapped to my hand, I did carry it along. This is one of my favorites that I walked away with from that trip, and it has since been entered into competitions, made Facebook covers, you name it. So naturally it was my first choice to be exhibited on this brushed aluminum wall piece. Measuring 16x24 in the space above my stairway, I believe it has found its rightful home.

I always express to my clients the importance of printing their images (so much so that I offer exclusive Image Reveals and ordering appointments!) so to be practicing what I preach is such a blessing to me. Whether its wedding photography, senior photography, or a phone photo of your dog with its tongue sticking out: print it. Hang it. It improves your quality of living and makes you feel warm fuzzies inside.

Oh, and if anyone recognizes the gentleman in the photo reading, I'd love to meet him.

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