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Hey! It's awesome to be talking with you. I'm Makayla, a dog-squishing plant mom that loves slow hiking, homemade naan, thrifting for everything, and people. I freaking love people.

I've been photographing weddings since 2014, and a believer in telling real honest stories through documentary weddings. I'm a full time professional with a flair for candid moments and finding a different perspective.

I spend my time 50/50 between Duluth and the Metro area.

The portfolio below includes images both from second shooting, and from leading weddings. The approach to me feel the same!




RAW Files on Dual Canon 5DIV's (FF w/ Dual Card Slots)

35mm f/1.4 Canon L series II

85mm f/1.4 Sigma Art

105mm Macro (for rings if necessary)

Reception lights:

up to 4 Godox Speedlights w/ Modifiers + Stands

Ability to use all four or just one - whatever you need for your editing style.





Q: Are you comfortable photographing the guys getting ready?

A: Absolutely! I do it nearly every weekend for my own weddings, so you shouldn't be nervous. 

Q: How many weddings have you photographed?

A: In total including seconding, 100+. I've been around the block!

Q: I have another question, but I just forgot it.

A: No worries! Yes, I'll read you the family formal list, yes, I'll get the wide angle of the ceremony from three blocks away, yes I'll remind you to drink water until you're annoyed with me, and yes I'll do my best to get behind-the-scenes images of you working. No I won't stand over your shoulder, constantly ask you what you'd like me to do, or eat a ton of cake. Just kidding. I'm definitely going to eat a ton of cake.

Q: So what's it like to work with you?

A: Second shooting for me is a healthy mix of assisting the main photographer, but also serving your clients. I can go through shot lists for you, but most of my mind all day is in how I can best capture photographs for your couple to remember. Ultimately, I'm a great person to have around for light suggestions, to carry things, to pump you up and to diffuse people freaking out. I've done this before!

My standard approach is extremely hands-off and candid - like, honestly candid. I don't direct people or tell them things to make them laugh, I let them be who they are. And that creates the most stunning, honest photographs.

Q: What's your favorite part of a wedding day?

A: My favorite part is every part, so if there's something in particular you like less than others, I'm happy to do that for you - whether that's cocktail hour, endless candids, dancefloor, whatever. I'll put my heart into every section of the day you want me to focus on. I already have a lengthy portfolio, so I won't be utilizing the event to shoot for myself - my only focus is images for you and your client.


Q: What's your pay rate?


A: Because I have years of experience and can problem solve anything, I make good use of myself. I also shoot with very modern gear and know how to use it - therefore, my rate is higher than most second shooters.

Know that you'll find the quality of my files and my willingness to get close and intimate to be a huge value to your galleries, since candids and real moments are the thing I'm best at.

If your pay amount is a little lower than listed, reach out and we'll talk about it. A few select dates can be flexible due to travel patterns (as well as in emergency situations), so it doesn't hurt to talk.


Ready to talk more details? Please send an email to:



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A wedding and portrait photographer based in Duluth + Minneapolis MN, traveling outward.

A believer in the honest and a photographer of the true moments that surround your life.