The Adventure Initiative // Cranberries and Tea Photography

June 20, 2017

"Would you like an adventure now.... or would you like to have your tea first?"


So many of us remember making bucket lists when we were middle-aged teenagers: places to go, things to see, skydiving, scuba diving, Great Barrier Reef. But how many of our bucket lists have we accomplished? How many were lost in thrown away subject notebooks or left forever in plastic memory and photo bins?


Well this summer, I'm bringing back the garage smell of old dusty dreams. 


New equipment and new faces is bringing on a whole herd of fluttery butterfly feelings in the pit of my stomach that we're going to set free.


So this summer, if you book a session off of my bucket list, you'll get your entire session fee back in pure product dollars. So basically, you're getting your session fee for free. Time to dance party right? For more specific details, you can contact me and we can chat more. 


Let's get started. I have them sorted by location/type, and if the bullet doesn't specify, it can be for seniors, families, couples, anything.




Ready? Here we go:



Sessions In/Around Water



1. Couple's Session inside/under the Amnicon Waterfall.

2. Kayaking trip amongst friends.

3. Running through the sprinkler

4. Couple's bonfire on the beach

5. Jumping off the lighthouse (safely!)

6. Dancer performing in water

7. Family session with kid's splashing in the water




Sessions In/Around your Home


8. In a (mostly) glass house

9. Waking up to breakfast in bed

10. Couple's Morning/afternoon pajama dance party

11. Making dinner/dessert

12. Going through old memories/photographs

13. Boudoir session in oversize sweaters in bed





Out and About


14. Couple in a greenhouse

15. In the hiking trails

16. On a mountaintop

17. Surprise Proposal

18. Barn Elopement


This is just a start list, I'll be adding to it as we go along this summer. But I'm so excited to get started! 


Do you have something to add to the list? Are you swooning over an idea right now? Let's work together!







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