Why I never offer "mini sessions" | Cranberries and Tea Photography

July 1, 2018

I feel like mini sessions have become the bread and butter of so many photographers' businesses. Pretty much every single season you can find more than a handful of photographers running their seasonal mini, especially when the fall comes around. I totally get why: they're quick, efficient, no driving involved typically, you see a lot of clients in one day. But I have never offered them. Why?



One main reason: mini sessions do not provide the full experience.


A 20 minute, 15 minute, 10 minute session is not enough time for me to really get to know you. To create meaningful, emotional images with you. It's not a location that's unique or meaningful to you and 5 other people will have photographs in the same location as you that day. While mini sessions can be great for some photographers and clients, I've found them to be nothing but frustrating and lackluster for me and the amazing people that I work with. It just doesn't make sense.


I want to create lasting, meaningful art for you. And doing so, quickly, in 20 minutes or less, is frustrating and less than you deserve. 



Additionally: only a handful of the sessions would have my absolute favorite light.


I live for what's called "golden hour" - the hour or two just before sunset (and hour after sunrise) where the light is warm and low and just oh-so perfect. And while I'm totally capable of shooting in other types of light, I don't like them nearly as much. If I were to run an all day mini marathon, only a few of the participants would truly get my favorite and most memorable lighting situation, and that's just not fair. 


Our time spent together is truly about making lasting, memorable art - not just portraits.


My main goal is not to photograph you as a person - it's to photograph the way you love. The way you laugh. Who you are, not just what you look like. And I've never believe that I could properly do that in such a small amount of time.


If you're a photographer who loves mini sessions and they work for you, please keep doing them! I've seen some amazing themed ones, especially for kids, that are just so freaking amazing it's unreal. But that's not me.


And that's okay.


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