Stripped Down - A Minimalist's View on Intimacy

July 4, 2018

I think we define ourselves by a bunch of things, but a minimalist for me is a loose definition - even if only by heart. My house is pretty much a chaotic mess every time I walk through the door, no matter how much I clean it.


But I've started to think of love in minimalist terms. While my art has always been about where to find the strongest emotions, I also LOVE the outdoors and national lands and visually gorgeous things. While one is neither better nor worse than the other, they go hand in hand with the art I like to make. 


So, in the last few months, I've been pushing myself to make even more emotional art. To dig even deeper into the emotion in a photograph. To learn how to slow down a little with couples and to realllly soak it in (because those who have done sessions with me, know I can be rather go-go-go). And while dreaming up ways to do this, I came across and idea that I think fits the mold really well.





So, what is Stripped Down?



Couple's/Engagement Sessions


I love the mountain and the outdoors and national parks, but Stripped Down is about taking away what makes an image visually striking, and making it even more about the couple than before. Rather than allowing things likes lakes and forests to aid in the image, Stripped takes a simple, adorable indoor location and uses that as a minimalist backdrop for the session. We're talking string lights and coffee, but also kitchen hugs and window light and getting REAL CLOSE. There's music and probably dancing and truly creating an intimate atmosphere. And because I've chosen a discreet, clean, bright location, you have zero stress about whether or not your home is "good enough" or "clean enough" by the time your session comes around. It's already perfect for you.






Counter-intuitive to the title, Stripped Down boudoir is quite the opposite - rather, it's more clothing than your average boudoir. Boudoir is both a mix of finding the space to allow yourself to be, but also to celebrate your body and love it, even on the days that it can feel unlovable. Stripped focuses on your emotions and your person more than what you're wearing - so the recommended clothing is actually more than the average boudoir. There's no weird sexual poses. There's no heavy posing much at all. I'm taking you into a space that's already ready for you and helping you to celebrate your person. I recommend big sweaters, your favorite pair of cut-offs or high-waisted shorts, a loose tank top maybe. Clothing that's well worn and broken in and oh-so-comfy. 



"I'm considering boudoir . . . so why should I trust you?"



You'll have your own reasons and stipulations about what makes me qualified to photograph you, but here's my main reason: I'm comfortable with the vulnerable, the weird, the actual pieces of your personality that you are a bit more hesitant to share. I believe there is more to you than what meets the eye, and I want you to embrace it.


And I'll do it first. 


So to prep myself for the Stripped marathon, I am doing my own boudoir session. I can't expect you to step in front of my camera without me having done it first. 



That's great and all, but tell me more?


Stripped Down is not a mini session marathon. I don't believe in mini sessions. Stripped is a full length session that ranges from 45-75 minutes (based on the individual and the vibes and how they're feeling). Access to my guides is the same as my regular couple's sessions, and you're treated the exact same way. The only difference in Stripped is that you aren't choosing the location - I have a pre-selected ideal location that fits the goals of creating an intimate atmosphere. I'll be doing sessions back to back over two days, and every couple/boudoir participant will have my full attention during their time, no stressing about getting people in and out fast enough.


Every Stripped participant will have access to my what to wear and session guide to create the most meaningful, emotional photographs possible. I'll help you figure out what is going to work the best to create more emotional photographs that focus on you and less on what you look like (that's the goal here, after all).


About a week later, we'll have an image reveal in your home or a coffeeshop where you'll see your images for the first time. The Stripped session includes 30 digital image files for keeping, and during your image reveal you'll choose which ones you'd like those to be. I bring the snacks, we laugh and cry our way through your images, it's a pretty fantastic time. I've never once heard somebody say they didn't like this. For real.


At the reveal, you'll have the option to purchase additional products and prints and files, but it's not required. All of my clients receive this service, and it's no different for Stripped Down participants.



Stripped Down is taking place on Saturday October 27th + Sunday October 28th, with time slots available every two hours. Total investment is $250, with $125 due at the time of booking and the remaining balance due September 15th.


You can view a Pinterest board of inspiration for these sessions here.


Booking opens up on July 11th.


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