Stripped Down Boudoir // Alex // Duluth MN, Boudoir Session // Cranberries and Tea Photography

November 4, 2018

October 27th was a big, scary, exciting, fearless, day. A group of women came into my rental studio for boudoir sessions and there was little me, dressed in leggings and a pug t-shirt, about to photograph them in an emotional, intimate way. And while I did personally know almost every woman that came in that day, it didn't make it any less important or life-changing.


And here's the thing: it was life-changing. But not in a big obvious way. In an underlying way. A subtle build in confidence, see yourself properly kind of way. Which is exactly what Alex felt after seeing her images for the first time.


Boudoir is a complicated art. A lot of people don't "get it" and don't understand why it's important. Some people believe that it has to be inherently sexual and slightly uncomfortable and weird. But it doesn't.


I believe that it can be with exactly what's already in your closet, with items you enjoy every day (like your morning coffee).


This boudoir is far more Sunday morning than Friday night.
























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