Historic Androy Wedding, Hibbing MN // Dena + Marc

June 23, 2019



Dena and Marc chose a venue in the city they were both from - Hibbing MN. The Androy Hotel is a hotel building full of charm and elegance and warmth. But those feelings doubled on the day these two got married there - because their relationship was so long in the making.


Before you could swipe right, there was an era of meeting online that started with the cold outright Facebook message - most of these proved to be futile.


Except for Marc's. 


Marc's dad and Dena's mom worked together for decades, so these two knew so much of the other's family - but never really connected or knew each other at all. Until one day, out of the blue, Marc remembered that girl Dena, and checked her out on Facebook - and immediately messaged her, cold, straight out of the blue.


Well, it worked, and here we are. One of the most emotional and tight knit weddings I've seen in a long time, from Marc's tears at the first look, to the families hugs after the ceremony, everybody knew this was meant to be.


Not a single doubt entered that room.








































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