I'm a dog-squishing plant mom that loves slow hiking, homemade naan, thrifting for everything, and people.


I freaking love people.

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When I was thirteen, I shadowed a local studio photographer and had a less than pleasant experience. I walked out of that building with the hairs on the back of my neck standing up, in realization that I was going to do it differently.

Not that I could do it differently. That I would. There was never a doubt that I was meant to do this.

From that point on, I paid close attention to the way that people talked about themselves. The way they viewed themselves. The way certain things made them feel and react and open up. Being someone who was always an observer made it easy to pay attention to the little details about people.

And I took that one day and ran with it, in hopes to change the photography industry. And that is still my constant goal.

The thing is this: somewhere down the line, photography became more about remembering what the moment looked like over how it felt. And that is a truly tragic loss. . . because there is far more beauty in the passionate than the pretty.

I started my business with the mindset of helping people bring out who they already are. Every step I take during a wedding or session is taken in your interest and yours alone. 

Your families, your dogs, the way you love - these are all things that are truly individualized to you. I do not photograph every couple the same, nor do I bring materials like styling boards or props to events - every material I use to create an image is found that day with you. All I bring is a camera and myself.

Judgments, insecurities, and expectations are left at the door: we're both here for who you are at this moment, not who you've been. This is you.

This is you.


There are so many in-betweens that are somehow lost in photography - my goal is to bring back the truth of your event and the reality of what it was like for you that day. This is delivered in the form of photographing all the little things to help you remember the places you went and the things you experienced.



The things you chose to incorporate into your marriage party or portrait session have a reason for being there - and that meaning matters. I'm here to photograph the multiple layers of things you've chosen to surround yourself with, to bring back value into your photographs.


Without connection, a photograph can feel lost. By using a documentary truth-telling approach, I'm able to hone in on you and your guests to begin to understand who they are and how they interact with each other. Whether that includes huge happy laughs or tears from a harder feeling, every intimate moment is valuable enough to be captured.

humanity on display

There was a point in all of our lives where we were told to make a part of ourselves small - maybe you were told you were annoying, or loud, or bossy. Maybe you laughed strongly, excited easily, always gave more energy than asked of you. And after a while, maybe you started to feel this caged-in feeling. Like you weren't measuring up in some way.


Well I can tell you this: your boisterous, your enthusiasm, your honesty, your fierceness, is all welcome here.


The Autumn Dog was built on the foundation that people are inherently incredible and wonderful the way they are. As somebody who grew up with that nagging feeling of not-enough-ness, I wanted to find a way to help people change their perception of themselves. And this was found in photography.

I invite you to step into a world where the photographer you work with isn't judging you and isn't creating a fake version of you - but rather, is seeing you for exactly who you are. 

And I promise you that you will be photographed with reckless honesty and a version of acceptance you've never experienced before.


Q: Okay, this is cool, but what if we're really awkward in front of the camera?

A: It's only awkward when you feel you're supposed to do a certain thing or be a certain way - there aren't any rules with me. To be in front of my camera, all you have to do is exist. Your hand doesn't have to go in specific places, your dress doesn't have to be perfectly splayed out, you don't have to be anything you're not. What you're doing right this second is perfect. It's honest enough for me.

If you're worried, I can help you along. But I think you'll find it comes more natural and far easier than you expected.

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My dog, Chaucer. She was a complete surprise/gift to my life and I can't remember life before her. She's this adventurous, ambitious little lake dog full of joy - and loves a good snack and comfy blanket.

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