the day you get married, photographed timelessly and meaningfully

Because really, in all of this planning and decision making that you're doing, it's easily forgotten - this isn't just a wedding.


This is a marriage.


A marriage of families and friends and love - and this idea is what makes weddings more than just a day of gorgeous flowers and pretty views. There's so much more to your event than what it looks like. How does your family interact? Who are the party animals? How many times are you going to cry? (Or attempt not to? But really, just let it happen.)


These are the things that are meant to be remembered. But our time together is so much more than hiring a wedding photographer - you're getting a listening ear. A soothing, calming voice of reason. Somebody whose done this before, and can give you advice for anything you could need.


You're getting a photographer who's not afraid to be present for the awkward, the heavy, the real, the honest. You're getting intimate moments with the love of your life with photographs you didn't even realize were happening.

You're getting the opportunity for hikes and tramps through forests and trails and all of the gorgeous greenery you can imagine. You're getting the person who might accidentally stay late because the music is too good. You're getting a listener and an old friend. 

You're getting the photographs of your dreams. 

We might be a great fit if:

You're excited by the thought of getting both of your families together.



There are so many in-betweens that are somehow lost in wedding photography - my goal is to bring back the truth of your event and the reality of what it was like for you that day. This is delivered in the form of photographing all the little things to help you remember the places you went and the things you experienced.


The things you chose to incorporate into your marriage party have a reason for being there - and that meaning matters. I'm here to photograph the multiple layers of things you've chosen to surround yourself with, to bring back value into your photographs.


Without connection, a photograph can feel lost. By using a documentary truth-telling approach, I'm able to hone in on you and your guests to begin to understand who they are and how they interact with each other. Whether that includes huge happy laughs or tears from a harder feeling, every intimate moment is valuable enough to be captured.

the story

It's pretty simple - it's you. It's the hugs you dole out and the soft touches on each others' backs. It's your parents squeezing you so tight it's like you're young again. These are the things I find home in.

And I'll use those to make lasting, tangible representations of your memories for you.

I believe that your story is important and worth telling: as-is. 

I might not take a single photo of you looking at the camera, sorry in advance.

But these aren't just photos of you: they're about you.

Photographs are no longer a sit still look pretty notion. They can be filled with energy and light and warm goodness like never before. And we're going to make that together.

I'll shift my focus to the things you value most: your family, your village, the people you're willing to feed because you love them so much. And I'll spend less time photographing the plates or decor - if at all. Okay, maybe one.

Because ultimately, on your wedding day, you're there to love people. And I'm there because I completely agree with you and want to make sure that's what you have the biggest pleasure of remembering.

humanity on display


Q: Okay, this is cool, but what if we're really awkward in front of the camera?

A: It's only awkward when you feel you're supposed to do a certain thing or be a certain way - there aren't any rules with me. To be in front of my camera, all you have to do is exist. Your hand doesn't have to go in specific places, your dress doesn't have to be perfectly splayed out, you don't have to be anything you're not. What you're doing right this second is perfect. It's honest enough for me.

If you're worried, I can help you along. But I think you'll find it comes more natural and far easier than you expected.


Marriage party coverage varies widely based on the size and scope of your event. Elopements and small weddings start at 1100, while full day weddings start at 3000, with most couples investing between 3000 and 4200. Nearly all wedding day coverage is customized, so the best fit for your event may be higher or lower.

I recommend reaching out and having a conversation to see what will fit you the best, to make sure your wedding photographs are something out of your dreams.

recent marriage stories

My best friend said she could look at the photos and see how much we loved each other.




I cannot begin to express how much of a joy Makayla has been to work with. Right from the beginning her kindness and talent made us positive she was the right choice for our wedding. Makayla did our engagement and wedding photos and I can say with absolute certainty that I adore them. They're gorgeous. So many of the pictures are of me and my husband laughing and having a good time together. My best friend said she could look at the photos and see how much we loved each other. Makayla is able to capture the emotion in every moment. She is so talented and has the most amazing style. There was never a dull moment with her. Especially all those times she laughed as my dog barked at her camera. We both loved working with Makayla. When I saw our photos for the first time, I cried because they had perfectly captured the emotion in every moment. I can't thank her enough. If you're looking for a fun loving and extremely talented photographer, Makayla is the one for you. Oh, and she LOVES dogs.

—  Teesha, 2019 Engagement + Bride

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