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It's true, that there are some beautiful wedding videos out there. Videos that look like music videos, videos that look like the most romantic movie you've ever seen.

But that's not really how a wedding day feels, right? It doesn't feel like windswept hair on a beach or slow motion dancing. It feels like hugging grandparents and laughing with friends and doing all of the small things you have to plan for a wedding.

It feels like reality. And that's what my films are here to do. They're basically meant to be the most professional home video you'll ever see.

We might be a great fit if:

You want a wedding film that looks the way it felt.

humanity on display

Film coverage varies widely based on the size and scope of your event. Elopements and small weddings start at 850, while full day weddings start at 2100, with most couples investing between 3000 and 4200. Nearly all wedding day coverage is customized, so the best fit for your event may be higher or lower. I recommend reaching out and having a conversation to see what will fit you the best, to make sure your wedding film is something out of your dreams.

I take on an extremely limited number of wedding films each month, so I recommend reaching out as soon as possible to get your date on the calendar. 


how it's written

It's pretty simple - it's you. It's the hugs you dole out and the soft touches on each others' backs. It's your parents squeezing you so tight it's like you're young again. These are the things you find home in.

And these are the things I'll focus on to make lasting, tangible representations of your memories for you.

I believe that your story is important and worth telling: as-is. 

These isn't just a film of you: it's about you.

Because ultimately, on your wedding day, you're there to love people. And I'm there because I completely agree with you and want to make sure that's what you get to return to time and time again.

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A believer in the honest and a photographer of the true moments that surround your life.

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