Why I don't post your wedding to Instagram Stories

Updated: Apr 19

If you're on Instagram at all, you've probably noticed that one of the updates has been to add "stories", which are little photos and videos you post that disappear after 24 hours. They are frequently used for people to give updates, post dog photos (guilty), and a lot of wedding photographers use them to post behind the scenes shots on wedding days that they are a part of.

I will literally never do that.

The reason being this: I literally do not touch my phone all day at your event. Unless I know that something major is happening that I need to be reached for (i.e. a death), my phone rots in my camera bag and I don't even acknowledge it's existence.

And I don't condemn the photographers that do post to Insta stories on wedding days. They're fun to watch, the couples are often hilarious and totally in-love, and it's really an enjoyable experience.

But I can't.

A: because I will always and forever forget.

But mostly B: because I'm hanging out with your grandma.

I'm talking with your parents.

I'm laughing at your little cousins who just stuck their fingers in your cake.

I'm busy trekking the forest or setting up an amazing adventurous first look for you.

I'm so much as a part of your wedding day, that I literally don't care about what's going on with my phone or Facebook or Instagram. I am here, present with you, stepping quietly and softly in between all of the emotional moments of a wedding day that I'm not going to spend our time stuck to a screen.

And you are missing out on nothing.

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