Emotional Wild Weather Wedding | Duluth, MN | Evelyn + Rick

Updated: Jun 22


September 21st was the 5th most popular wedding date for 2019 - so going into the weekend, myself and all of my photo peers were fingers crossed on the potential rain that was looming for a few days. Though I don't personally have an aversion to rain, sometimes it just makes things easier for it to not exist.

Well not only did Evelyn + Rick get rain, but they got a torrential downpour, a rainbow, more rain, and then a gorgeous freaking sunset. All of it. In the span of less than 5 hours. And when I say torrential I mean can't see out your windshield while driving less than 5 miles an hour. TORRENTIAL.

And yet, everybody was laughing. Yeah, there was a tiny bit of stress - but the backup plan was perfect and honestly, it made for more comedy than anything else. And then the ability to see a brief rainbow on top of gorgeous sunlight really just rounded out the whole day. Because at the end of it (well, technically the middle), they were still married.

They. Got. Married. And that's the only thing that truly needed to be perfect. And was. And there was so much love I couldn't possibly be there for all of it - but I was there for most.

And in between all of the loving speeches (and maybe slightly inappropriate ones) and the happy birthday songs and the amazing choreographed dances and the unicorn heads, there was magic and love and tears and joy. And nothing was missing and everything felt full.

The way it should be.

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