I refuse to just "pretend".

It's crazy, how many times I've heard the word "pretend" or "fake it" at a wedding.

The videographer will say "pretend to walk up the stairs"

or an onlooker to a boutonniere struggle will say "just fake it for the photograph"

or even "I bought these shoes but I'm not going to wear them, will you photograph them and just pretend I am?"


No we can't.

There will be unscripted moments at weddings that happen far more frequently than the scripted - you will actually walk hand in hand up a flight of stairs. You will have to lump your dress up into a ball of fabric to carry it across a puddle. You will walk back to a room that's void of people and breathe a sigh of relief for a moment.

Your parent won't be able to figure out the boutonniere, so your aunt will come to the rescue - and it's photograph worthy.

Yeah, maybe you'll choose to cut a cake and whatever - but the best photograph will be the one where you're sitting at your table actually enjoying it. Or better yet, your group of friends at table 12 who are playing a wicked secret drinking game and one person in particular is losing.

There will be moments of gorgeous in between all of the things you "have" to do - so I'm not about to add to that list.

You can walk up the stairs without pretending. You can actually run around a little and hug and cry and hold people dearly close. You aren't here to put on a show. You're here to enjoy a party.

And that's enough for me.


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