Marriage Party at Clyde Iron Works | Duluth MN, | Hailey + Tom

Updated: Jun 22


When Hailey reached out to me, she knew she wanted two things: amazing candid photos of her favorite people, and to spend very little time taking formal portraits. I promised her both of these things. When the three of us hopped off our video call I wrote one note on their file and circled it - "the way they look at each other."

That became more and more evident through their marriage party. We spent exactly 20 minutes taking all the family and bridal party photos, and from that moment on the party was nonstop. Every turn-around Hailey + Tom were having exactly the fun they wanted to have, and just living in that together.

That's the biggest takeaway - if you craft your marriage party around the things you value, you will inevitably walk away with exactly the memories you want. And they accomplished that here.

More real moments:

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