Madeline Island Rainy Elopement | Madeline Island, WI | Sara + Nick


"It looks like we're forecast for rain, so the Big Bay Town Park shelter is our back-up plan".

A change in plan always starts simple.

Rain was most certainly in the forecast this day: as I rode the ferry across the bay, I was pummeled by a thunderstorm in a way that made me question if the ferry normally runs through weather like this. I thanks my stars it was, and continued forward.

Sara and Nick were excited to be married, and little else mattered. The flowers were beautiful, but Sara didn't feel they were the center of it all. The same with the dress, or the other little details in place.

For them, it was just the marriage.

Surrounded by their immediate families, the rain placed them in a shelter in front of stone fireplace, prepared to say vows that they'd be promising to upkeep for decades to come.

And as the rain came and went and down-poured and subsided multiple times over our 2 hours together, we were always reminded and brought back to this fact: rain or not, they were married.

And nothing should have been different.

Scroll more to see the rich blue color of Lake Superior combined with the moodiest storm clouds you'll ever see.

Oh, and a pretty bouquet too.


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