Old Main Park Engagement Session | Duluth, MN | Hannah + Brendan + Sunny

Updated: Oct 16

"We're not the super PDA type. Really, it's going to be all about Sunny".

These words spoke to my soul. You see, Hannah + Brendan signed up with me for their 2021 wedding - which meant an engagement session was here to stay for save-the-dates and invitations. But what does an engagement session with a photojournalist look like? Is it awkward? Is there no direction at all? How do you choose what to do?

It's simple - what matters to you?

Hannah + Brendan came right out and said Old Main Park made the most logical sense for them. As I encourage my couples to choose places with meaning to them, this is the park they frequent with their little dog Sunny. The amount of enthusiasm they had for this space while describing it to me already told me everything I needed to know - there was no other logical choice than this.

So we did what they would do any other day. We walked around the area. They tossed a ball with Sunny. They sat in the same spot they would sit normally, they walked down to the little creek area where Sunny always love to play. Nothing about this needed to be any different than any other day.

And while it may seem simple, there's often nothing better.

So here are images of this little fam, doing exactly what they always do - be together. Play ball. Snuggle and pet and laugh and be themselves.

And next year, Hannah and Brendan will marry at their family's resort - and things will look a little more fancy, but will be made of the same substance.


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